Cat Cuddles Up to Man and Asks Him to Take Her Home After Being Rescued from Storm Drain


A rescued tabby cat found the family of her dreams. She cuddled up to the gentleman who came to see her, and insisted on going home with him.

Friends of AACAC

Earlier this year, Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control (AACAC in Millersville, Maryland) was contacted about a stray cat who had been stuck in a storm drain for days and was unable to get out.

It took a village, but with help from Animal Control and the Department of Public Works, they were able to extricate the tabby to safety and transport her to the shelter.

The cat named Sweet Caroline was estimated to be two years old. She was dehydrated and just skin and bones. Despite the long ordeal, she was in good spirits and happy to be cared for and doted on. “After she came to the shelter, she spent six weeks with a foster regaining weight,” Friends of AACAC told Love Meow.

From the beginning, Sweet Caroline was a love-bug. She was thankful to have a roof over her head, plenty of good food to munch on, and a loving foster mom who catered to her every need.

Friends of AACAC

“This lil’ lady is a stage-5 clinger love-bug who takes running leaps to give head-butts and kisses,” Caroline’s foster mom shared with Love Meow. “Every time, I moved to leave the room, she would put her paw out and gently pat me until I settled back in for more scritches.”

Sweet Caroline quickly blossomed being in a home environment. With constant love and attention, she bounced back to a healthy, strong weight.

“Her weight increased from 4.8 to 8.2 pounds. Her foster mom said, this beautifully marked ‘love bug’ settled in more quickly than any other foster cat she has ever had,” Friends of AACAC added.

Friends of AACAC

When Caroline was ready to look for a forever home, they hoped to find a family that would be able to provide undivided attention, lots of cuddles, and her favorite food, pâté.

A gentleman learned about the sweet kitty through social media one day and was instantly smitten. He immediately contacted the shelter to set up a meet-and-greet.

“He said, his home has been just too quiet since his last cat passed away,” Friends of AACAC said.

Friends of AACAC

On the day of his visit, staff brought Caroline to meet the gentleman in a visitation room to see if they would be a good match. As soon as the kitty entered, she walked right up to the gentleman and demanded his attention.

She stretched her paws all the way up his legs as if to ask him to pick her up right that instant.

Friends of AACAC

The gentleman gladly obliged and sat down with her in his arms. Sweet Caroline proceeded to nudge him with head-butts while she purred up a storm.

“It’s safe to say she certainly was making it clear that she wanted to leave with him.” Friends of AACAC told Love Meow.

Friends of AACAC

The tabby gingerly held onto her human’s arm as if to say, she was ready to go home with him. The gentleman filled out the paper work and officially made her a permanent part of his family.

Friends of AACAC

Sweet Caroline had her dream come true that day when she left the shelter to start a new chapter with her forever family.

Friends of AACAC

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