Cat Keeps Jumping into the Playpen of Another Rescued Kitten So They Can Be Together


A cat kept jumping into the playpen of another rescued kitten so they could be together.

Matcha and FloydCommunityCatClub

Early this year, a Good Samaritan stumbled upon a lone kitten whose eyes were crusted shut. They immediately contacted their local animal rescue, Community Cat Club, and asked if they could help her.

“We said yes because we could tell she needed medical care right away. We estimated her to be at least 3-4 months old, but she was under 2.5 pounds,” Sara Sharp of Community Cat Club shared with Love Meow.

Matcha, the kitten, was very underweight and couldn’t see and breathe normally, clinging to her rescuer for comfort.

tabby kitten rescuedMatcha was found alone outside in poor shapeCommunityCatClub

After a few days of treatment and TLC, she walked around with a little extra pep in her step. She rubbed her clean face against Sara and purred with delight.

“She was battling a severe upper respiratory infection. She was flea-infested, emaciated, anemic, and riddled with parasites. This girl was a hot mess, but I’m so happy she was found and made her way here. She would not have made it much longer outside in her condition.”

kitten clingy sweet rescueShe looked much better after a few days of TLCCommunityCatClub

Matcha had a dedicated veterinary team and volunteers to nurture and cater to her every need. In two months, she filled out nicely and scampered around with playful energy and brighter eyes.

As she recovered and got back in shape, her fun-loving personality emerged. Her silly antics brought laughter, and her cuddly nature melted hearts.

sweet kitten playfulHer adorable personality emergedCommunityCatClub

“She’s the epitome of sweetness, always ready to share a friendly purr or a playful pounce. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and she loves exploring every nook and cranny.”

Around that time, a little sickly tuxedo, Floyd, was found outside without a mother and siblings. Sara took him to her rescue and nursed him back to health.

tuxedo kitten rescueFloyd was found as a sickly strayCommunityCatClub

Floyd quickly reached the one-pound mark after a few days in foster care. Another week passed, and he blossomed into his best self. “He loves to eat, loves to play, and loves to cuddle.”

At this point, Matcha was known for her adoration for other cats and even dogs. She got along with everyone splendidly. When she heard Floyd, her ears perked up, and she was on a mission to find him.

tuxedo kitten pawsSara took him into her careCommunityCatClub

“Matcha’s playful spirit and loving personality make her a joy to be around.”

When Matcha saw Floyd in his playpen, she decided to sneak in to hang out with her new friend. “It was love at first sight. Matcha would keep jumping in to play and cuddle with Floyd,” Sara shared with Love Meow.

tuxedo kitten playfulHe recovered and blossomed into a playful, cuddly kittyCommunityCatClub

Matcha, about four months older, has taken Floyd under her wing. “They may be very different sizes, but these two have really formed a cute little friendship.”

“They love to run around, chase each other, and play with every toy they have. And, of course, a good post-play time cuddle session.”

cat cuddles kitten friendsMatcha kept jumping into Floyd’s playpen to be with himCommunityCatClub

“When they’re not playing like crazy, they’re usually cuddling like this.”

The two best friends hope to find a forever home where they can continue their adventures as a pair.

cat kitten best friendsThey have become best friendsCommunityCatClub

After being found separately and nursed back to health, they sought solace in each other and became truly inseparable.

With their hearts entwined, they will never walk alone, bound for life’s adventures.

cat kitten best friendsCommunityCatClub

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