Two Sister Kittens Become Family to Tinier Orphaned Kitten So She Won’t Be Alone


Early October, two 8-week-old kittens were found abandoned in a California neighborhood without a cat mom in sight.

The Cat House On The Kings

A Good Samaritan found them on her porch and immediately took them to seek help.

They cried throughout the way to the Cat House on the Kings, a rescue in Parlier, California. The poor little kittens held onto each other for comfort.

After they arrived, the rescue put them into foster care so they could be looked after by a dedicated caregiver.

The Cat House On The Kings

They were cleaned up, fed, and given a fuzzy warm bed to sleep in and a lot of toys to cuddle with. The two sisters perked up and turned into the sweetest little purry furballs.

They were named Georgia and Carolina!

The Cat House On The Kings

Just two days ago, another kitten came into the rescue after she was saved from busy traffic. “She was found in the road in danger of being hit by a car,” Harvie Schreiber of Cat House on the Kings told Love Meow.

She was named Alabama!

The Cat House On The Kings

The little singleton was scared after the ordeal and didn’t want to be alone. Staff knew that she needed a friend or two.

“Rescued kittens always do better when they have siblings or friends, so we took the duo and made a trio.”

The Cat House On The Kings

Karla Cortez, Kitten Quarters Supervisor at the rescue, introduced Alabama to the two sisters. The singleton was a bit alarmed by the unfamiliar faces and let out a tiny hiss, but she was soon overcome by the warmth and friendliness of the two siblings.

The little kitten, who was about to hiss and spit, turned into a purr motor.

The Cat House On The Kings

The two sisters seemed to be able to sense that their new friend needed love and snuggled up to her to give her some much-needed TLC, followed by instant pouncing, bouncing, wrestling and more cuddling.

“They’ve accepted her,” Karla told Love Meow.

The Cat House On The Kings

“They are snuggling and sleeping and playing together as if she were their own sister!”

Alabama adores her new siblings and couldn’t be happier.

The Cat House On The Kings

It’s a cuddle puddle!

The Cat House On The Kings

Little Alabama is purring along with her new sisters who love her as their own.

The Cat House On The Kings

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