Family Saves 2 Kittens and Gives Them IKEA Bed – They Grow Up Napping in It In These Adorable Photos


A family from Japan gave their two kittens a doll-sized Ikea bed. The bonded siblings loved it so much that they have been napping in it ever since.

“Brown tabby cat is a girl. Her name is Amelie. Red tabby cat is a boy. His name is Canele,” the family said.


The brother and sister were rescued from an uncertain fate and found their way to their loving home when they were two months old. Right away, the family noticed just how close they were – they were completely inseparable.

The duo did everything together and never napped without having each other by their side.

They filled the house with constant cuddles. Their resident cat Sora took to the new kittens and joined them in their cuddlefests.


A month after they settled in, their human parents brought home a little gift for their fur children — a tiny IKEA bed.

It quickly became a hit!


The two siblings crawled up in their new bed and fell asleep snuggled up to each other.

They seemed to really enjoy the bed, so their human mom added a few accessories: a tiny pillow, a miniature blanket and bed sheets to make their napping experience even more purr-fect.


From that day on, Amelie and Canele haven’t picked another bed to nap.

As they grew bigger, they were slowly filling up their favorite bed.


Comfy and cozy!


They are constantly wrapping their arms around each other.

The bond they share is incredible.


Four months later, they have outgrown their IKEA bed but still love napping in it.


Their humans have been documenting their growth in their favorite bed.


Cuddly friends!


Before nap time, they give each other a mandatory bath!


When Sora decides to use the bed once in a blue moon, the two siblings cuddle up to each other right by the bed.


Canele hanging out with his tiny teddy bear.


All grown up now!

Their love for their IKEA bed never diminished.




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