Woman Saved Hissy Kitten Freezing Outside Of Workplace – A Heat Pad and Love Changed Everything


A young woman found a tabby kitten outside of her workplace one night, meowing for help.

After an hour of trying to coax the kitten out, she managed to scoop her out with help from a kitchen utensil.

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

Jenna was working at a restaurant when her manager told her about a kitten meowing outside. She went out to investigate the kitty’s whereabouts.

“I found her around 11PM, meowing in a frozen steam vent. After finally figuring out where she had hidden herself, she absolutely did not want to come out of her spot,” Jenna told Love Meow.

She was hissing, spitting, and doing everything she could to resist help. Jenna got some food, hoping it would coax the kitten out, but the little feline was not willing to back down.

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

“About an hour after trying to lure her out with chicken, I got a spatula from inside work and scooped her angry self out,” Jenna told Love Meow.

The kitten finally stopped fighting. She was exhausted from the cold and hunger. Jenna wrapped her in a towel, put her in a box and took the little one home.

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

The kitten scarfed down her first meal at her new home. She was named Nugget.

“I fought her out of her outdoor hiding spot with a spatula so a food name seems fitting.”

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

Nugget was unsure about Jenna at the beginning, and during the first couple of days, she hid most of the time away from her.

“She spent the nights on a heating pad and her days hiding under my bed, then one day she fell asleep in my hand while purring like a motorboat and was super affectionate from then on out!”

That day, little Nugget decided that Jenna would be her human mom for life.

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

“Except for fleas and pink eye, she got a clean bill of health! She was around four weeks old, and weighed exactly one pound,” she said.

Now Nugget has a big house with plenty of warm blankets to snuggle in, endless cuddles, and lots of good food.

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

Nugget’s playful side began to show.

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

The little hissy kitty has transformed into a cuddle bug.

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

“Since then, she has grown up around two other cats, endless toys, lots of good food, and is loving every minute of it,” Jenna told Love Meow.

Her favorite pastime is to curl up in her human’s arms, purring away.

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

Nugget loves her daily entertainment – Bird TV!

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

“Each day from noon to three she takes a nap on my chest, and every night she attacks my hands while I’m trying to sleep,” Jenna told Love Meow.

“She’s so energetic and lovable, I’m so happy she decided to let me know she was there the night I found her! I wouldn’t trade her for the world.”

Jenna u/CatStoleMyPancake

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