Meet Kitten Bowl Star Sunny



Her name is Sunny because there is only sunshine ahead for her, but there were plenty of dark clouds before.

She is one of the dozens of feline football lovers competing in this year’s Kitten Bowl V on the Hallmark Channel.

It wasn’t always sports stardom and cuddles for this lucky black kitten. Before getting drafted for the big game, she was a feral kitten in Florida caught up in the terrifying flood waters of Hurricane Irma.

In distress, Sunny tried to run away from the dangerous weather and got her back leg stuck in a fence in the process. That is where North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) found her.  The group rescued the baby cat from her precarious position, but unfortunately couldn’t save her leg.

After her recovery from amputation, Sunny was taken in by one of the most acclaimed and famous foster moms in the country: cat lover Beth Stern.

“Sunny’s story is why Kitten Bowl is so special for me, despite the challenges and trauma Sunny faced from the hurricane,” Stern told PEOPLE. “It brings me joy that Sunny will not only thrive, but continue to grow stronger through the love and care that only a forever home can bring.”

Stern used her experience to care for the kitten and get her back on three legs. Now, thanks to this compassion and NSALA’s dedication, Sunny is a Kitten Bowl superstar and is in search of a forever home.

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You can watch her and oodles of other adoptable kittens compete for the Feline Football League championship on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 4, during the Kitten Bowl on Hallmark Channel at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. EST.

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