Stray Cat Brings a Kitten to Man Through Doggy Door And Comes Back With One After Another.


A stray cat mama walked into a man’s house through his doggy door entrance. He found her inside but saw her immediately leave back out.

He thought that he’d never see her again, but a little while later the cat came back and this time she wasn’t alone.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

The cat mama named Tala brought a tiny kitten with her to seek shelter in his home, but that was not the only kitten.

Vincent, the home owner, has a soft spot for animals in need. He set up a makeshift bed with a large box and warm blankets for Mama Tala and her kitten.

The momma cat left her kitten in the box and walked out through the doggy door again.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

Vincent was worried, but a little while later, Tala came back with a black kitten. He was surprised to know that there were more.

“Over the course of the next few hours, she would bring a kitten one by one and lay them in the box until all five were in there,” Jacqueline DeAmor co-founder of Friends for Life RescueNetwork told Love Meow.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

Mama Tala knew that this was the right place to bring her babies. Now all five kittens were safe and sound.

Vincent gave her some much-needed food and water while the kittens were snuggling comfortably in their bed.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

“He contacted a local rescuer on Facebook and many of us rescuers saw the post. I offered to take the family,” Jacqueline said.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

Mama Tala’s instincts led her to the kind person.

Watch the feline family of six in this video:

Foster parents Kaitlyn and Sam took them into their care.

The kittens are Maui, Moana, Neilani, Ohana, and Kiko.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

A few weeks later, the five siblings had grown by leaps and bounds.

Tala was a sweet, loving mama to her babies at all times.

Sleepover at O’s @sleepover_at_os

Mandatory bath right meow!

Sleepover at O’s @sleepover_at_os

The kittens have all been adopted to good homes.

Sleepover at O’s @sleepover_at_os

Tala is very nurturing to her babies and extremely friendly to her human friends.

Sleepover at O’s @sleepover_at_os

Her favorite things in the world are chin scratches. They make her the happiest cat!

“Tala’s always on the hunt for some chin pets,” Kaitlyn said.

Sleepover at O’s @sleepover_at_os

Sweet mama Tala is located in Los Angeles, California and can’t wait for a place to call her own. If you are interested in adopting Tala, click here for more info.

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