Kitten Found in a Backyard Never Purred Until He Met Another Kitty Saved From the Trash.


A ginger kitten was found in someone’s backyard a few weeks ago. He was very shy and just wanted to be alone in his crate until he met another kitty who came from the same fate.

He was named Macaroni.Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

The Cat House on the Kings, a cat rescue and sanctuary in Parlier, California, took in the kitten and immediately placed him in foster care, hoping a home environment would make him feel better.

“Macaroni (the kitten) would cry when we would pick him up and try to cuddle him. He never purred and preferred being alone in his crate, which just broke my heart,” Lacey, foster mom, told Love Meow.

Lacey and her family took turns to spend time with him, doing everything they could to help him feel more comfortable. “We all tried to cuddle, brush and love on him so he would know he was safe and loved.”

Despite all the love the family was pouring on him, they knew that something was missing.

Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

Lacey reached out to the Cat House on the Kings and asked if they had another kitten that needed fostering.

“I told them that Macaroni needed a sibling, and coincidentally, another orange kitty had been found in Selma (California) by a garbage man, who just so happened to have to get out of his truck and could hear the tiny meows coming from inside the garbage,” Lacey told Love Meow.

Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

He dug through the trash and found the kitten. When he contacted the rescue, they knew that this kitten would be the perfect brother for Macaroni since they were about the same age.

“The next day, I brought Macaroni to Selma to pick up his brother,” Lacey said.

Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

After a few tiny hisses, one nose kiss, the two ginger boys started to cuddle. They were snuggling through the rest of the trip home.

“It was clear that they both needed each other. It only felt natural to name the darker orange guy Cheese,” Lacey told Love Meow.

Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

By the second day, the difference in Macaroni was stunning. He let out his first purr and his purr motor just kept going. When he was held, he didn’t cry so much any more.

The little guy, who was so shy that he didn’t want to leave his crate, now spends most of his time snuggling with his new brother and doesn’t want to be by himself any more.

Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

“Their bond is stronger than ever. Macaroni is still the shy one, but with Cheese’s help, he ventures out and follows him around,” Lacey told Love Meow.

“They love chasing each other around, and scampering after toys together.”

Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

“But their favorite thing to do is snuggle together!”

Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

The ginger kittens were both saved from an uncertain fate.

When they found each other, it was as if they knew they needed one another.

Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

They have been together for 2.5 weeks, and Macaroni has made a 180.

“He loves to cuddle and purrs nonstop. It brings me to tears thinking about how a little love can change something for the good,” Lacey told Love Meow.

Whiskers, Greens and Coffee Beans

Follow updates on Macaroni and Cheese on Facebook. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help.

Watch their story in this cute video:

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