Senior Cat Clings to His Stuffed Animal After Loss of His Owner.


A 16-year-old cat, Hoonie, and his beloved stuffed animal were brought to the shelter, in need of a loving home.

The toy has always been there by his side since Hoonie got it from his human.

Alley Cat Rescue

The senior cat lost his long-term human who sadly, passed away. The owner’s daughter wanted to find the cat a good home as both she and her son were allergic. She reached out to Alley Cat Rescue in Brentwood, Maryland, and asked if they could help.

“We immediately knew that we wanted to help this sweet senior boy so we took him in to our adoption program,” Brianna Grant of Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

When Hoonie came to the rescue, he was not alone. The sweet senior boy was accompanied by his confidant, the stuffed animal – a kitty cat that was about the same size as Hoonie.

Alley Cat Rescue

“She wrote a list of his likes and dislikes, and the stuffed animal was one of his top likes. He loves to cuddle with it,” Brianna told Love Meow.

The stuffed toy reminds Hoonie of his home where he lived all his life. “Because of how frayed and loved the stuffed animal is, I would guess he’s had it for a few years at least.”

Alley Cat Rescue

Currently, Hoonie is at the Alley Cat Rescue headquarters, being cared for by the staff there.

“He is in one of my co-workers’ office to help him get adjusted to everything. Our headquarters is free-roaming for the cats but we decided that it would be best for Hoonie to have a space of his own.”

His beloved toy will go where he goes.

Alley Cat Rescue

The senior boy keeps his plushy friend close at all times as a source of comfort and support.

Staff at the Alley Cat Rescue have never seen a cat so attached to a stuffed animal.

Alley Cat Rescue

“Hoonie loves to talk! You can hear him meowing from a room away. Once you go into the room to see him, he becomes silent. He loves having people near him,” Brianna told Love Meow.

“According to the daughter, he also loves to lay on your lap and relax.”

Alley Cat Rescue

“Right now, his favorite activities are watching the cars pass by out the window and sleeping next to his beloved stuffed animal.”

Hoonie and his buddy have been at the shelter for about a week, and they are always together.

Alley Cat Rescue

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