One-eyed Kitten Siblings, Found Huddled Under a Bush, Won’t Stop Cuddling


A Good Samaritan rescued two ginger kittens (born with the same eye condition) along with their blind sister from an uncertain fate.

These two share an inseparable bond. Sylvie and Jules @sylvie_and_Jules_thelovebugs

Five months ago, three 8-week-old kittens were spotted huddled under a bush without a mother in sight in a run-down area of Miami. They were hungry, emaciated, and in desperate need of medical attention.

Beth Stern, animal advocate and avid foster parent, took the trio into her care. “They were loved, nourished and given the medical attention that was needed. Beth named them ‘The Love Bugs’ – Jolie, Happy and Merry,” Mary Ann told Love Meow.

Jolie the tortoiseshell is completely blind but she was the most independent of the three. The ginger brother and sister never left each other’s side. Beth quickly noticed the close bond they shared.

Happy and Merry were born without eyelids, a congenital defect called Feline Eyelid Agenesis. Their eyelashes were growing into their eyes, causing discomfort and pain. They also had one dead eye which had no sight and needed to be removed. “They have the exact same situation. They are so bonded as well… I could never separate them,” Beth said via Instagram.

“Beth arraigned for the eye enucleation and cryosurgery, which is a procedure where their eyelashes are frozen and removed. After the procedure it was found that both had some vision in their good eye,” Mary Ann told Love Meow.

Sylvie and Jules @sylvie_and_Jules_thelovebugs

The two kittens stayed close to keep each other comforted during recovery. They were constantly purring and snuggling. Despite a rough start to life, they were always in good spirits and eager to be loved.

Beth wanted to find them a great home where they would be treasured as a pair.

Sylvie and Jules @sylvie_and_Jules_thelovebugs

Before Mary Ann met the ginger duo, she had lost her two beloved cats when they passed away one year apart.

“I had been following many rescue pages and finally thought I was ready, after seven months, to bring new friends into my life.”

Sylvie and Jules @sylvie_and_Jules_thelovebugs

She followed the journey of the ginger kittens from the beginning. After Jolie had found her adopter, she knew it was meant to be.

“I put in a request for Merry and Happy. Beth felt that we were a perfect match,” Mary Ann told Love Meow.

Sylvie and Jules @sylvie_and_Jules_thelovebugs

After a long road to recovery, the bonded siblings were brought to their new home in New Jersey where their human mom was waiting with open arms and an open heart.

“They are the most gentle and the sweetest kitties ever. I am in love and so blessed to have them, and eternally grateful to Beth for her unwavering commitment and beautiful heart.”

Sylvie and Jules @sylvie_and_Jules_thelovebugs

The kitties were renamed Sylvie and Jules.

After exploring every nook and cranny of their new abode, they curled up in their kitty bed, snuggled up to each other, purring up a storm.

Sylvie and Jules @sylvie_and_Jules_thelovebugs

“Sylvie is more outgoing and friendly. She is definitely the boss. She is very cuddly and loving and loves to play and run,” Mary Ann told Love Meow.

“Jules is a quiet, shy kind of guy but so sweet and cozy. He is an observer. He is very gentle. I love them so much!”

Sylvie and Jules @sylvie_and_Jules_thelovebugs

They just turned seven months this week.

The one-eyed brother and sister are happy and loved, living the life they always wanted.

Sylvie and Jules @sylvie_and_Jules_thelovebugs

Inseparable friends!

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