Scowling Sphynx Cat Loki Might Be the Grumpiest Feline on Instagram


Grumpy Cat has the official title but Loki the Sphynx might have the greatest scowl on social media.

The Brooklyn-based feline is earning “likes” all across the Internet, with over 71,300 Instagram followers so far, thanks to his unforgettable face.

Sara Anderson and her partner Brent Erickson are the proud parents of this pussy cat. They adopted the 8-year-old feline several years ago, choosing a Sphynx since Erickson is allergic to cats and Sphynx cats are hypoallergenic.

“I do feel as if Loki chose us. It feels like he has been in our lives forever, he definitely has an old soul,” Anderson told PEOPLE of her beloved not-so-furry friend. 

Courtesy loki_the_sphynx/instagram

Behind this old soul is an affectionate feline. Even though his face and all of its character-building wrinkles seem to say Loki is in a perpetually bad mood, he is actually sassy, chatty and “incredibly lovable.”

Courtesy loki_the_sphynx/instagram

“I have never met a cat like him. Sphynx cats are so affectionate and loyal, he truly is our best friend. Sphynx cats do require a little more attention than other breeds – bathing, cleaning nails, etc. But once it becomes routine it doesn’t feel like extra work,” Anderson added. 

Courtesy loki_the_sphynx/instagram

Like any good best friend, Loki is great at making Anderson and Erickson laugh. That is what the couple hopes others get from the kitty as well.

Courtesy loki_the_sphynx/instagram

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As for the future, plans are to keep the silly photos coming and to continue giving Loki a comfortable, affection-filled, chill life that he can enjoy for years to come.

So while Loki might continues to frown for the camera, inside he is one big smile.

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