Shelter Cat Waited Months for Home, Hops on Man’s Lap and Won’t Let Him Go


A rescued cat who was found wandering the streets of Chicago, waited half a year for a loving home.

When he met a couple at the shelter, he jumped on the guy’s lap and wouldn’t let him go.


Mikita the cat was found as a stray through a local TNR (Trap-neuter-return) project. He was very friendly and enjoyed being around people. Rescuers knew right away that he was meant to be in a good home.

Harmony House for Cats took in the sweet feline and put him up for adoption. The kitty waited for that special someone to come claim him, but six months went by, and no one had stopped for him.

Andrea and Rich Williams, a couple from Chicago, went to the shelter to look at cats. When they walked into one of the rooms, they were immediately greeted by the sweet black cat.


Mikita saw Rich sitting in a chair and made his way to him. He hopped on his lap and decided to stay there.

Rich couldn’t help but smile from ear-to-ear with the friendly shelter cat in his lap. Mikita rubbed his face against him and wouldn’t let him go.


“He seemed to really like Rich so we knew instantly that we had to adopt him,” Andrea told Love Meow.

After a long time waiting, Mikita left the shelter for good.


He explored every nook and cranny of his new home and chose to nap in his humans laps. His confidence came back and he became an instant snugglebug.

“He spent the day exploring, gazing out the window and rolling around as he sprinted up and down the hall capturing the sparkly puff ball the rescue sent home in his bag. We were so excited to see him come out of his shell without other cats around as he made himself right at home.”


“He loves to be near us. If we’re watching TV we’ll put our legs up on the ottoman and Mikita will settle in right on our legs. He loves to be held and is a total shoulder cat,” Andrea added.

Giving Cat Dad a back rub after a long day of work.


The curious kitty wants to know everything that his humans are doing.


He is quite the talker and enjoys daily conversations with Cat Mom and Dad. The house is constantly filled with his adorable meows and chirps.

The sweet kitty makes sure that his humans are never alone.


Mikita likes to “help” in the kitchen by jumping on their shoulders and watching them cook.

Little supurrvisor!


“Each night when we turn off the lights, he climbs into bed with us and takes turns sleeping near Mom or Dad,” Andrea told Love Meow. “He purrs all the time.”

In the morning, he wakes them up for breakfast, and when they come home from work, he greets them at the door.


“He loves to play with toys. He also loves running through his cat tube and taking naps on his window seat.”

But what Mikita loves the most is spending time with his humans.


Is breakfast ready meow?


He loves to be cradled like a baby and will purr up a storm in their arms.


It’s been 3.5 years since Mikita found his forever humans. He’s now living the life like a king.

“He is a part of our family and we are grateful that he was given a second chance.”


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Mikita has a chat with mom.

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