Nevada Shelter Is Caring for 400 Kittens and Would Love a Little Help


It’s kitten season, also known (less glamorously) as cat birthing season.

And while welcoming more adorable, baby felines into the world may sound like a dream, it’s an overwhelming reality for animal shelters across the country, like the Nevada Humane Society.

The animal shelter is currently caring for 400 kittens, reports KTVN.

“We have tons of kittens in our care right now. We have many in our foster care program because they are too young/unhealthy to be on our floor waiting to get adopted,” Nevada Humane Society Community Director Betsy Aguiar told PEOPLE in an email. “Once they are cared for we put them on the floor to find their forever homes.” 

And this Reno-based shelter cares for every kittens that comes through their doors.

Courtesy Nevada Humane Society

“We do not euthanize based on breed or space, so this is a way for us to get all the kittens cared for, because we would never have enough space for them all,” Augiar said about the shelter and its invaluable network of fosters. “Many shelters across the USA experience a “kitten season” where there is an influx of kittens, and we depend on our fosters and staff to make sure we can get these kittens to survive their crucial first months without a mother.”

Nevada Humane Society makes it easier for fosters to care for young kittens, many of whom need regular bottle feedings and medical care, by providing the volunteer pet parents with all the food and supplies they need to care for the little ones.

Courtesy Nevada Humane Society

This can be hard to do in high kitten season, especially with this year’s baby boom. So the shelter is calling upon their local community and the national community for help.

“Litter, cat food, wet food for the kittens, and things to make their lives a little easier, things like heating pads – rice, socks – to make those heating pads,” Aguiar told KTVN are donations that the shelter desperately needs and would greatly appreciate.

Courtesy Nevada Humane Society

The shelter is running out of the essentials caring for all of their new residents. A no-kill facility, Nevada Humane Society will never euthanize an animal because of lack of supplies, instead they will change to the budget to accommodate for the extra supplies, but this can mean restricting staffing during one of the shelter’s busiest times.

To prevent this, the shelter is putting out a call for donations.

Courtesy Nevada Humane Society

“Donations are critical for us, because obviously all of the clients that we have are homeless pets as they come in. They don’t have resources. So, it’s been the community that’s really been the backbone.” Diaz Dixon, the CEO for Nevada Humane Society, told KVN.

Supplies can be dropped off at the shelter or sent to the Reno facility through Amazon or Chewy.

The address is:

Nevada Humane Society

825 Longley Ln B

Reno, NV


These donations will help ensure all of these cats grow up to be perfect forever pets and that the Nevada Humane Society can take in even more animals in need.

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For those looking for a way to help all the shelter cats out there, look into fostering or volunteering at your local animal shelter. And if you are a cat mom or dad, remember to get your pets spayed or neutered.

To learn more Nevada Humane Society, what they do and how you can help, visit their website.

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