Woman Rescues Cat Born Special and Finds Her a Home She’s Been Waiting for


Natalie, an 8-year-old cat with special needs, came to the shelter, in need of a home.

She couldn’t bear the stress being in the shelter environment after losing someone she had known all her life.

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

Two months ago, Natalie was surrendered to a shelter in Texas after her owner sadly passed away. The kitty was confused being in a place so foreign to her and started to exhibit signs of extreme stress.

Natalie was born with a cleft lip and Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). She appeared to be healthy, except for some mild neurological symptoms, where she walked in circles at times.

Shelter staff knew that she needed to be in a home so reached out to Lisa, founder of Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society (SHAHS), for help. She immediately began a search for a forever home for Natalie.

She knew that it would not be an easy task but was hopeful that the perfect home was out there somewhere.

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

“Natalie would do best in a ‘quiet’ home with a family versed in Hydrocephalus or other neurological disorders, especially because of her litter box habits, as well as if she experiences any unforeseen crises,” Lisa shared with Love Meow.

A special needs cat comes with financial needs so Lisa and her team were looking for a family that would be in a position to provide life-long care for the sweet, deserving kitty.

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

After two months of searching, they came across a couple from Alabama that was the perfect match. “Matt and Peggy absolutely adore Natalie,” the rescue said.

The couple has adopted many furry friends, where some of them are special needs. “Getting her to her new home was an adventure with quite a few scrubbed missions.”

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

Volunteers from Delta Animal Rescue Transport (DART) offered to escort sweet Natalie from Texas to Alabama. “DART’s volunteer members sign up to escort animals when they are moving between hubs or if they are not working, and it is all done on their personal free time. The only problem is that they have to fly standby,” the rescue said.

Due to stormy weather and limited flights, they were pushed back many times, not being able to search for a flight out of San Antonio or Houston airport. SHAHS then offered their personal airline miles to guarantee Natalie a seat on a flight out of Texas.

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

“At nearly midnight eastern time, Natalie finally arrived at her forever home, where she will live happily ever after with Matt and Peggy, plus all her fur siblings who literally adore her,” the rescue said.

Soon after Natalie settled into her new home, she cuddled up to Matt for some TLC.

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

Natalie clings to her human parents everywhere they go.

When it’s nap time, it’s cuddle time.

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

Nothing makes Natalie happier than being with her humans at a place she calls home.

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

The sweet girl has made a 180 since she left the shelter.

Life is good!

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

Natalie curled up next to Matt and fell asleep holding his arm.

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

Home sweet home!

Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society

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