4 Kittens Found Someone to Love After They Were Discovered on a Boat


Two and a half months ago, a local shelter in Washington state received a litter of kittens that were found on a boat.

“The day before, we had a heat wave, so thankfully someone found them,” Savannah told Love Meow.

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

The kittens were discovered huddled up with each other on the boat. They couldn’t find the cat mother and brought the kittens to the shelter for help.

Savannah offered to foster the kittens so they could have someone to love and care for them. The little bundles of fur were named Rue, Estelle, Betty and Bea.

From the start, the kittens were great eaters. Some of them displayed mild congestion problems, so their foster mom steamed up the room to help them breathe more easily.

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

A couple of weeks later, the kittens started to use the litter box and eat from the plate all by themselves. That’s when Savannah knew that she was close to getting full nights sleep.

“Bea, always posing.”

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

Learning to eat from a plate.

During the first week, the kittens were messy eaters and needed help cleaning afterwards.

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

After getting a full belly, foster mom gave each of them a face bath.

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

“Another day, another face bath.”

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

The kittens met their foster dad, Otis the resident cat, and they immediately nuzzled in for a cuddle.

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

Many kittens are found outside homeless every day due to unspayed community or stray cats. Trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs have been a successful solution to feral or stray cat overpopulation.

“These little girls got lucky for sure, so many don’t make it or never get found, and that’s so preventable,” Savannah told Love Meow.

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

Little Rue was the runt of the litter and needed more time to grow big and strong.

When her siblings were off to their forever homes, she went to join another foster family where she could play with other kittens until she was ready to be spayed and adopted.

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

“It’s been so fun watching these sweet little girls grow up and they have the luckiest future families,” Savannah said.

“I’m missing my little gray babies. Betty was adopted, as were Bea and Estelle together. I’m so proud of these little nuggets.”

Savannah @our.fosterkittens

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