Rescued Kitten Who Was Rejected at Birth, Finds Someone to Love and a New Friend too


A tiny calico was just one day old when she was brought to a veterinary clinic. She needed a mom and a lot of help.

Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt

Esme the kitten was in poor shape when she was brought to Nova Cat Clinic. Her cat mom rejected her at birth possibly because she didn’t think the kitten would survive.

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue (in Arlington, Virginia) reached out to Ellen Carozza, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician at Nova Cat Clinic, for help. She took her in and placed the kitten in their charity program, Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Fund, which aims to help kittens in critical condition.

Esme was so tiny and frail when she first arrived – the odds were against her. “She was transferred to me at a day old and not doing well,” Ellen told Love Meow.

Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt

The kitten needed advanced care and had to be tube-fed around the clock. To help regulate her body temperature, she was placed in a cozy, comfortable incubator.

By the time she opened her eyes, her sass began to show. At a very young age, Esme already knew the art of making demands. She would meow for attention and food, and was full of cattitude.

Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt

As she grew bigger, her personality blossomed. She figured out that shoulders were great places to perch on and pockets were perfect napping spots.

Ellen took her to work every day to keep her fed, cared for and shower her with love and cuddles.

Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt

She enjoys being carried around the house and is starting to play with toys, pouncing and running around like a rambunctious kitty.

“She loves rolling on her back right after meals and getting a nice belly or chin rub. She also loves playing and running after her string toy,” Laila (@leya_and_winston), who looked after Esme for a week, told Love Meow.

Laila @leya_and_winston

Esme will crawl onto her foster mom’s shoulder or chest after she’s done playing. She may be tiny but is equipped with quite the purr motor.

She has grown into a gorgeous little calico.

Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt

“She is very sassy. She and another kitten, Mort, are together,” Ellen told Love Meow. Just like Esme, Mort came to Ellen for a chance at a better life.

Watch Esme’s journey in this video:

Calico kitten rescue journey

After exchanging a few swats, the two kittens hit it off and started playing.

Esme is brave, adventurous and loves to try new things, and Mort will watch her play and follow suit.

Laila @leya_and_winston

The tiny calico who was rejected at birth, got the help she needed to thrive.

Look at her now!

Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt

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