Rescued Kitten Insists on Staying With Police Chief Who Helped Her When Others Couldn’t


A tiny kitten was brought to a police department after she was found abandoned on the highway.

Brandi Reagan

Moxie the tabby was rescued by a Good Samaritan when he was traveling on I-40 going through Mocksville, North Carolina. He spotted the tiny kitten all alone on the side of the road when he was stalled in construction traffic.

Knowing the kitten was at risk of getting hit by cars, he quickly scooped her up and drove straight to Mocksville Police Department for help. The little feline was covered in fleas and dirt and appeared to walk with a limp.

An officer on duty immediately contacted local resources but none were able to help or take her in.

Brandi Reagan

It was suggested by some that they should give up on the kitten as there weren’t enough resources or money to “fix her”. Police Chief Pat Reagan made the decision to help the 5-week-old tabby and take her to a local veterinary clinic.

After getting a complete work-up, they found no broken bones in her leg. As it turned out, she was born with a congenital deformity, which doesn’t cause any pain. The vet gave them the good news and didn’t charge for the services.

Brandi Reagan

The department rallied together to help and foster little Moxie with the intention of finding her a loving home. The shy kitty came out of her shell and began to thrive.

“It was beautiful to see. She went from this tiny little thing always curled in a ball to stretching out, relaxing and really being in her space,” Brandi Reagan, wife of Pat Reagan, told Love Meow.

The Reagan family took her home over the weekend so the kitten wouldn’t be alone. “We fell in love with this adorable, lovable little girl.”

Brandi Reagan

Despite her deformity, Moxie can do anything just like other cats. Nothing can hold her back. She gets along with their police cat, Sarge Butters, and three canine friends.

Whenever she’s in the office, she takes her role as their office supervisor very seriously.

Brandi Reagan

“Her favorite thing to do in the office so far is play around on my desk and play with whatever she comes across. She follows me when I go room to room,” Brandi told Love Meow.

Moxie offers some assistance at the computer. She’s been a great helper to everyone in the office.

Brandi Reagan

Moxie snuggled her way into everyone’s heart. Chief Reagan thought they would find her a forever home, but realized she had already found it. They officially adopted her into their big family and dubbed her Pawfficer Moxie.

Whenever someone needs some relief from work stress, Moxie comes to the rescue.

Brandi Reagan

The fearless kitten has no idea her leg is any different. She is curious, adventurous and loves people of all ages.

When 7-year-old triplets came to visit her, the little tabby surprised everyone with how good she was with children. “She was just happy to be held and loved. She even fell asleep in the midst of their holding. It was adorable.”

Brandi Reagan

Brandi who works with children at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center, knew Moxie could help the kids and offer them something very special.

“If someone hadn’t found her or believed in her or took her in to give her love, she would not be here today,” she said. “That is the case for many of the kids we serve.”

Brandi Reagan

“This little girl who was abandoned and once thought to be broken and not worth fixing, is going to do beautiful things for children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned themselves and who may feel like they are broken and not worth fixing,” Brandi told Love Meow.

“But they all are, just like Moxie is. And Moxie can help show them their worth!”

Brandi Reagan

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