Kitten Who Was Found Alone Inside a Wall, Is So Happy to Have a Friend to Cuddle


A kitten who was rescued from inside a wall, latched onto a feline friend, just wanting to be loved.

Christine Ellis

Late June, Kelsey McKnight, an animal rescuer of Shuswap Paws Rescue, responded to a call about a kitten stuck inside a wall at a farm. The kitten had been meowing for quite some time, and Kelsey knew she needed to get him out to safety before it was too late.

She crawled up in the attic and used some old baling twine to aid her in fishing out the kitty who was eight feet down. “The minute I got the kitten out and safe in my arms, (he) started licking me and purring,” Kelsey told Love Meow.

The tiny bundle of fur was so thankful and just wanted to cuddle. After getting some food in his belly, he curled up in her jacket and purred up a storm. “(He) accepted (his) fate of being rescued and loved every second of attention I gave (him).”

Kelsey McKnight

His name is Evan (formerly Eve as they first thought he was a girl).

The farm kitten was over the moon when he was introduced to other foster kitties. He couldn’t wait to play and cuddle with his new friends, following them around, making sure he was never left out.

Evan quickly took a liking to an orange tabby cat named Bond.

Christine Ellis

The ginger tabby is very friendly to everyone he comes across. He’s the vocal one and the cuddler in the house.

When he met Evan, it was as if he knew just what he needed. Bond snuggled up to him so he wouldn’t nap alone.

Christine Ellis

The orange kitty doesn’t mind at all when Evan wraps his paws around him, licking his face and purring into his ears. He is happy to be there for his buddy.

Bond melted into Evan’s arms and the two fell fast asleep.

Christine Ellis

Little Evan has really blossomed living in a foster home with other kittens. He’s never alone thanks to his best friend Bond who keeps him company.

Watch Evan and his buddy in this cute video:

Cuddly friends!

Evan offers to be a pillow for other kitties to nap on and doesn’t mind if there is a purr pile on top of him.

When he cuddles with Bond, it’s always the sweetest thing to watch.

Christine Ellis

The two buddies are often seen wrapping their arms around each other when they are asleep.

When they wake up, Evan continues hugging his friend as if he doesn’t want to let him go. Bond loves it.

Christine Ellis

No more worries about safety and food – the farm kitty has a great life ahead of him and will never lack cuddles.

Christine Ellis

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