Cat Hovers Over Her Only Kitten Everywhere He Goes After She Was Rescued from the Streets


A former stray cat hovers over her only kitten everywhere he goes.

protective cat mom Shauna and her kitten ShaneSusie H @dcfostermomsusie

Early July, a pregnant stray was found and brought to Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington D.C.. The cat was just skin and bones and in active labor. Due to complications, only one kitten survived the birth.

Susie H., a volunteer, stepped up to foster the mother (Shauna) and son (Shane) duo so they could have a quiet, safe and clean place to recover and grow.

The cat mom was not producing milk for the first three weeks. Susie took on the round-the-clock bottle feedings while Mama Shauna supervised the process.

“It was both endearing and heartbreaking to see such a young cat trying to be a mom but not quite able to do it all. But together we’re caring for Shane as a team,” Susie told Love Meow.

Sweet cat mom Shauna snuggles with her kittenSusie H @dcfostermomsusie

Mama Shauna received medication for a stomach bug that had been bothering her. The next day, Susie woke up to find her caring for her kitten, both purring up a storm.

As soon as Shauna felt a little better, she jumped right back into being a doting mom, grooming her precious baby from head to toe.

Cat mama cuddles with her kitten as soon as she feels better.Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

Shane who never purred when Susie cleaned him, switched on his purr motor when Mama Shauna gave him a bath. “It made my heart fill up,” Susie said.

Over the next few days, Shauna’s health continued to improve and all her mother instincts came out strong. She would wrap her body around her baby to cuddle him while he purred himself to sleep.

Cat mom wraps her body around her kitten to cuddle him.Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

She gained a lot of healthy weight and became a super attentive mom to her kitten.

“She now bathes him regularly, allows him to suckle whenever he wants, responds to his cries, and cuddles him constantly with only short sojourns out of the nest,” Susie wrote.

Cat Mama Shauna and her Kitten ShaneSusie H @dcfostermomsusie

She hovers over her baby everywhere around the house. If Shane wanders off a bit, the protective mother will come running and bring him back to the nest.

“Mama Shauna is so attentive to her baby. She lets me take him out to feed him, but she keeps a close eye on us, hovering. As soon as we’re done and he lets out a mew, she calls back to him and then takes him out of my hands to bring him back to the nest.”

Attentive cat mom brings her kitten back to the nestSusie H @dcfostermomsusie

Three weeks after his birth, Shauna’s milk finally came in, and Shane decided he would no longer need bottles.

Watch Shauna and her kitten in this cute video:

Cat mom and her kitten – foster journey

The sweet cat mom has fully recovered and really blossomed.

Kitten nursing on his cat momSusie H @dcfostermomsusie

Shauna taught her kitten how to play with toys and cheered him on when he started eating from a plate on his own.

“Not only is she thriving as a Mama since getting over her bug, she’s also starting to shine as a curious, sweet, fun cat.”

Cat mom watches her kitten as he takes his first bites of solid food.Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

“I would really like to see these two adopted together. They are both super sweet and fun, equal parts playful and cuddly,” Susie said.

“Shauna loves nothing more than a head butt, and Shane will immediately come and sit next to or on you if you sit down within spitting distance of him.”

Cat mom shows her kitten show to play like a big kitty.Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

They will never have to worry about food and shelter. The loving momma purrs nonstop having her baby by her side.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

Share this story with your friends. They will be ready for adoption mid-September. Follow updates on Shauna and Shane on Instagram.

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