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Lori Wendin, our art director, sent me the link to this planter, saying — run this! Of course, I loved it, too and reached out to co-creator Angel Napoleon to find out the inspiration behind this great product.

About five years ago, Angel and her partner Brent Napoleon were working at a 3D printing company, working on other peoples’ ideas and products. “After a change of heart and direction,” Angel says, “We decided to take matters into our own hands and start our own business developing a line of products that we could be proud of. After endless sketches, prototypes and ideas we developed a functional, super cute cat planter, and we went into production.”

Since Angel can paint as well as 3D design, they were able to make it look just like the person’s cat. “It’s a unique gift and can last a lifetime with the proper care,” she says. “We’re proud to be creating functional, practical art that people can enjoy. It makes them smile, us smile, and we can both be happy — there’s not much better than that!”

All products are made to order from the Meow 3D studio in Montclair, New Jersey. Angel sculpts the model using 3D software. They 3D print the final version using responsibly sourced PLA material (corn based). Next, they hand-paint and embellish the model to give it realistic characteristics of the customer’s dog or cat. (They also offer human portraits.)

“We’re the originators of this particular style,” says Angel, explaining that they started three years ago. “We’ve gotten so much positive feedback with our work, and we continue to improve based on the feedback we receive.” Love this purrific planter? Check out Meow 3D’s shop at; the website at; on social @Meow3d_; or at Pinterest at

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