EMT Rescues Orphaned Kitten Before He Crawls into Busy Road


An emergency medical technician (EMT) found a kitten crawling on the side of the road all alone. He rushed to save him.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

An EMT from Burlington, North Carolina, who works with the police department, discovered a kitten in Mebane, last Wednesday. The palm-sized kitten was crying for his mother who was nowhere to be found.

He was spotted next to the road near a construction site, and was scooped up just before he was about to crawl into busy traffic.

The EMT’s wife is a volunteer for Sparkle Cat Rescue. He wasted no time and transported the hungry little kitten over to get him the help he needed.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Stephanie Grantham, co-founder of the rescue, immediately syringe-fed the kitten, kept him warm in a blanket and arranged a foster home that would provide round-the-clock care.

Sarah Kelly, a foster volunteer who specializes in neonatal kittens, stepped up to help. They named the baby feline Bear Grylls. “Just like his namesake, this little man is one strong survivor,” Sarah shared with Love Meow.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

“Bear was our favorite name from the start, because he looks like a little cub, and adding his ‘last name’ of Grylls allowed us to tie in his ‘survivor-man’ type story of overcoming the odds of being abandoned roadside.”

The kitten was placed in an incubator to keep his body temperature regulated. From day one, he exhibited a strong will to live — he had a great appetite and would purr up a storm after every meal.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

At around 10 days old, Bear has a pair of bright eyes, a strong purr motor and a big voice from a tiny body.

When Sarah comes in with a bottle, Bear knows instantly and starts vocalizing his demands with urgency, no matter if it’s during the wee hours of the morning.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

Watch little Bear in this cute video:

Orphaned kitten rescued by EMT


To make sure little Bear doesn’t feel alone, he’s accompanied by a snuggle toy 24/7 while having his foster mom look after him every couple of hours.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

Volunteers returned to the scene and searched the area for any sign of a cat mom or siblings. “They did not find any, so he may have been abandoned there,” Sarah told Love Meow.

In just a few days, he has gained weight and grown a healthy, kissable, round belly.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

“Baby Bear is doing well and is so lucky to have been found when he was,” Stephanie said.

Thanks to his rescuers, he will never have to live another day on the streets and has a bright future ahead of him.

Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

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