Kitten with Worried Eyes Rescued Along with His Family — He Can’t Stop Cuddling


A stray cat and her family were brought to a foster home for a chance at a better life — one of the kittens had a pair of worried eyes.

Laine @kittensincolorado

A month ago, a feline family of four were found on the streets of Houston, Texas and brought to a local shelter, in need of rescue.

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (RMFR) in Denver, Colorado offered to take them and arranged transport to get them into a foster home.

Laine, a volunteer of RMFR, stepped up to help and took them into her warm abode. “They came all the way from the euthanasia list at a Houston shelter to my home in Colorado,” Laine shared with Love Meow.

Laine @kittensincolorado

One of the kittens quickly caught her attention — Butternut, the tiniest one of the litter, had a pair of worried eyes.

He huddled up in his foster dad’s arms for some much-needed TLC.

Laine @kittensincolorado

The tabby boy was a bit shy and needed extra encouragement.

After waking up from a nap, he stayed in his bed with that frowny look on his face, and didn’t want to come out despite his foster mom trying to coax him with a toy.

Laine @kittensincolorado

Unlike his siblings, Potato and Turkey who are very playful, outgoing and spontaneous, Butternut prefers taking his time.

Though he may look a bit grumpy and concerned all the time, he’s really a sweet little guy who just needs some time to warm up to new things.

Laine @kittensincolorado

“Butternut is a cross between a grumpy old man and an actual gremlin. He’s super sweet and has been snuggly with us,” Laine shared with Love Meow.

The tabby tries to catch up with his siblings when they play. He’s a little shy and may need more time to master new skills but he will get there.

Laine @kittensincolorado

Butternut aka Grumpernut loves cuddles. Whenever he wants a hug, he crawls right onto a warm lap and curls up into a ball.

Watch Butternut in this cute video:

Kitten with worried eyes and his family

“He is very calm and is the perfect cat to have a snuggle-fest with,” Laine told Love Meow.

Laine @kittensincolorado

Soon after the family was rescued, they discovered Mama Pumpkin had been carrying a second litter in her belly all along. Luckily, she will have a safe place for all her kittens, and will never have to go through this again.

Butternut is honing his kitty skills by mimicking his siblings, and learning to be as brave as them.

Laine @kittensincolorado

“Even when Butternut is having the time of his life, he still manages to look grumpy about it.”

Laine @kittensincolorado

Nothing makes him happier than getting some head scratches.

No more wandering the streets and hiding behind his siblings and mom – little Butternut is loving his VIP life.

Laine @kittensincolorado

The sweet tabby with worried eyes has gotten much more confident.

He’s still a little shy but is as sweet as can be.

Laine @kittensincolorado

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