Stray Kitten Rescued from Bridge, Can’t Stop Cuddling His Rescuer


A woman found a little stray on a bridge in need of rescue. The kitten was so thankful to be safe that he couldn’t stop cuddling.

Nada A.

A month ago, Nada A., a research analyst, was on her way home from work when she spotted a kitten in distress.

“I found him huddled against the cold sitting on the barricade of a bridge. Worried about stopping my car in the middle of the freeway, I asked my brother for help,” Nada told Love Meow.

“As he approached it, the kitten kept backing away and was dangling over the bridge, hanging on the barricade with just his claws. My brother quickly managed to scoop him up before he fell.”

They took the kitten home and placed him in a quiet room to help him calm down.

Nada A.

Since they have another cat, they already had the supplies needed for the kitten. The little tabby was dirty and a bit shaken after the ordeal.

It took him a couple of days to acclimate to the new environment and warm up to his new family. When the kitten realized he was safe, he switched on his turbo-charged purr motor and was eager to be loved.

He crawled into Nada’s lap for some much-needed cuddles.

Nada A.

The kitten purred up a storm, in pure bliss, as soon as he was petted. If Nada stopped for a second, he would immediately meow at her, demanding more love. (Scroll down for video)

“He was getting so comfortable with me that I gave him a bath. That night, I took him to the vet who called him ‘a remarkably polite cat’ which still makes me beam with pride,” Nada told Love Meow.

Nada A.

“Apart from a stitch he had on his elbow and a bruised back paw, he was unscathed.”

Watch as the kitten meows and demands pets:

Since then, the kitten has been quite the cuddle-bug.

He follows his human everywhere she goes, and his purr motor doesn’t seem to stop running.

Nada A.

The little former stray is so happy to have a roof over his head. He constantly demands attention and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“We’ve had him for a month now, and he’s lovely, super playful and cuddly. Introducing him to our behemoth of a cat, Kimchi, has been a challenge but we’re patient,” Nada told Love Meow.

Nada A.

In terms of naming the kitten, they haven’t decided on the perfect one yet. “We like the idea of Mochi but he’s such an affectionate shoulder cat that I almost want to call him Captain.”

The sweet kitty is now living the VIP life and filling his home with endless purrs.

Nada A.

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