Kitten With Rare Condition Gets Her Fluff Back After She Finds Family of Her Dreams


A kitten with a rare condition found a family that she always wanted.

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

Elise Hall, a veterinarian from Illinois, came across a special kitten named Appa through a support page for animals with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic fragile skin condition.

“We were members of the group due to our experience with Porg, a cat whom we loved and cared for that also had Ehlers Danlos,” Elise told Love Meow.

Porg sadly passed away last year, but his story inspired Elise and her partner to help others who also care for animals with EDS. A few months later, they found Appa, a Selkirk Rex, and fell instantly head over heels for her.

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

“We immediately felt a connection, like we did with Porg, and knew we could provide her with the life-long medical care and love every animal deserves,” Elise said.

Appa quickly crawled her way into their hearts. “Meeting her in person for the first time was just magical — she fit in right away!”

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

Soon after arrival, the kitten was diagnosed with ringworm and a heart murmur. They immediately started her on treatment.

The 3-month-old kitten had lost most of her long hair but still had some resilient tufts on her lower back. They gave her a little scarf around her neck to keep her from scratching her scars.

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

They kept her nails trimmed regularly and examined her skin every day. Sometimes, they would clothe her with a protective suit to prevent further injury.

“Ehlers Danlos syndrome is a rare genetic disorder of connective tissues. Appa’s symptoms seem more mild than Porg’s, but she does have thin, elastic and fragile skin,” Elise added.

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

Over the next couple of months, the kitten really blossomed. Her wounds healed up nicely, and her curly, soft fur started to sprout.

The sweet kitty doesn’t know anything different about her, and just lives her life to the fullest without a worry in the world.

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

She is always happy, cheerful, and equipped with a big purr motor that revs up every time she cuddles.

Watch Appa and her journey in this cute video:

Appa the kitten

“Appa has an outgoing, confident and playful personality. She is very intelligent and likes getting into mischief, as do most young cats,” Elise told Love Meow.

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

She knows exactly how to tug on her humans’ heartstrings when she wants something.

Appa likes to offer “help” whenever her humans are doing chores. “She gently reminds me that she is the cutest in the land,” Elise added.

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

If she spots her favorite cat treats, she will stand on her hind paws like a meerkat, begging for a snack.

The smart girl won’t take no for an answer.

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

“She enjoys playfully picking on her big (canine) brother Mowgli, exploring the backyard in her harness, and snacking,” Elise told Love Meow.

“When she is feeling cuddly, she also loves belly and foot rubs.”

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

Appa has transformed into a gorgeous, fluffy cat with a larger-than-life personality.

She adores her loving humans and canine buddy, and is always on the lookout for treats, pets and cuddles.

Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

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