Stray Cat Walked Up to Family from Drain Pipe So Her Kittens Could Have Chance to Thrive


A stray cat walked up to a family from a drain pipe so her kittens could have a chance to thrive.

Jamie Myers

Earlier this summer, Jamie Myers from Spokane, Washington was on a camping trip with her family when her 10-year-old daughter spotted a cat under the road from afar. As animal lovers and fosterers, they immediately decided to investigate and try to locate the cat.

“We jumped out of the RV and ran back on the road that we came in on, to search for this mysterious kitty that was very out of place,” Jamie told Love Meow.

“Several hundred yards back, we found a drain pipe underneath the road and what did we see in that drain pipe but two little eyes peering back at us.”

Jamie Myers

The drain pipe was not a suitable home for any strays. Jamie and her daughter tried to coax the cat out with some food. Lo and behold, a little tortie emerged from the opening of the pipe and devoured every morsel from the can.

“It might very well be the easiest rescue we have ever done. We set the little can of food out and she didn’t hesitate for a minute,” Jamie shared with Love Meow.

“She came right out and showed us how hungry and beautiful and deathly skinny she was.”

Jamie Myers

Soon after the tortie made her exit out of the drain pipe, they made yet another discovery. “It didn’t take long to notice through the bones and saggy skin that she was harboring a miracle.”

The sweet kitty was very friendly to the family and followed them around the campground.

Jamie Myers

“She let us pick her up and carry her to our RV where she stayed for the weekend. She didn’t hesitate to sleep in the bed with us, snuggle on the couch with us, and seemed to be so very grateful that she was saved,” Jamie told Love Meow.

The sweet feline likely had been abandoned as no one came to claim her. “I don’t know how long she’s been living in that drain pipe, but it has certainly been a while.”

All that was about to change when the family scooped her up from the campground and brought her home.

Jamie Myers

Over the next few days, the cat named Caki quickly blossomed. She tagged along Jamie’s daughter and showered her with cuddles. She never had to worry another day without food as she could eat to her heart’s content at every meal.

“Just a few days after we got her home, she shared her secret with us and blessed us with six new little ones,” Jamie said. “We have experienced such joy in helping her raise her babies in a safe, loving, happy home.”

Jamie Myers

Momma Caki was short in milk supply in the beginning so the family stepped in to help bottle feed her babies around the clock.

As soon as her nutrition became more stable, she was able to nurse all her demanding little kittens and was devoted to their every need.

Jamie Myers

“She was an amazing mother, always knowing where her kids were and doing her very best for them. She was very vocal, constantly talked to them.”

Sweet cat mom Caki and her kittensJamie Myers

Momma Caki taught her kittens how to eat and drink like a big kitty, and smothered them with love and lots of mandatory baths.

The kittens grew by leaps and bounds, and when they were big enough for adoption, they quickly found wonderful homes.

Jamie Myers

“Two of them even went to our own vet,” Jamie told Love Meow. “It’s now time to find this sweet mama her forever home.”

Jamie Myers

When they first met the sweet tortie, she was on her last leg but hanging in there so her kittens could survive.

“Today she is a healthy, happy, playful, thriving and extremely loving kitty,” Jamie said. “She has really blossomed and come out of her shell. She is the most loving cat I think we have ever fostered.”

Jamie Myers

“We thought we might be saving one life that day but we had no idea it would actually be seven.”

Jamie Myers

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If you are interested in adopting Caki (located in Spokane, WA), you can email Jamie at

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