Pint-sized Kitten Has Her Dream Come True with New Sisters After Being Found Alone Outside


A pint-sized kitten had her dream come true with new sisters after she was found alone outside.

Sarah Kelly

A resident from North Carolina found a tiny cream calico kitten outside his home. The cat mom never returned for her baby after many hours of waiting. The kind person brought her inside and kept her safe and alive overnight. He reached out to his local rescue Sparkle Cat Rescue (in Burlington, North Caroline) as the kitten needed more care than he could provide.

Sarah Kelly, a foster volunteer of rescue, quickly responded. The kitten had a bad eye infection and needed immediate medical attention. Sarah dropped everything at hand and rushed to pick her up. As soon as she got the kitten safely in her car, the tiny bundle of fluff started purring and kneading with her little front paws.

With proper meds and around the clock bottle feedings, the kitten began to improve. A couple of days later, her eyes cleared up and her appetite soared.

Sarah Kelly

The kitten was an avid kneader from the start and would wave her paws in bliss whenever someone was around. She was aptly named Julia after Julia Child.

“She continued to do well and make biscuits and meow,” Sarah shared with Love Meow. “She is sassy and incredibly sweet. She loves her kitten formula almost as much as she loves making biscuits.”

Sarah Kelly

The kitten was eager for attention and a constant buddy to keep her company. After every meal, she would nuzzle up to her teddy bear in her cozy incubator, and start kneading and purring as if she was with her mom.

Tiny singletons like Julia can benefit from having another kitten to play with, as it will help them with their development and socialization and fight loneliness.

Sarah knew just the perfect pair of friends to introduce her to.

Sarah Kelly

Before Julia’s arrival, a pair of calico sisters came to Sarah’s home for a chance at a better life. They were discovered near the side of the road, in poor shape.

“They were found together without a mom,” Sarah added. “These sisters faced quite the uphill climb, having never been with their mom and being so frail and small.”

Sarah Kelly

Through painstaking care, the kittens, Soleil and Luna, perked up and started to put on weight.

While Luna was recovering, her sister stayed by her side the entire time, cheering her on. “Soleil was very protective and comforting to her sister. She slept on top of her or with a paw on her.”

Sarah Kelly

When Julia was ready to meet other fosters, Sarah placed her in the same playpen with the calico sisters. After a few sniffs and showing off their sassy stance, the kittens quickly hit it off.

The tiny cream calico may be the smallest of the three but she has a mighty personality.

Sarah Kelly

The two sisters took the little newcomer under their wing and showed her their cat tree and toys.

Julia was ecstatic to find other kittens who share the same passion for kneading, and happy to have real snuggle buddies to nap with.

Sarah Kelly

With friends to play and cuddle with, Julia is blossoming. She no longer feels lonely and is learning new skills from the other kittens like a champ.

Despite being a bit tiny, she can really hold her own when she plays with bigger kitties.

Sarah Kelly

Luna and Soleil adore their little sister from another mister. Together, they are an adorable, sassy calico trio.

Sarah Kelly

Julia looks up to her foster sisters and tries to keep up with them when they play, learning to be a little mischief-maker.

Sarah Kelly

The sweet kitten continues to spread joy with her little knead-y paws and is so happy to share her journey with her purr-fect friends.

Sarah Kelly

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