Adam Mac Provides the Line Dance of Summer with ‘Dust Off Your Boots’ (Exclusive)


Adam Mac doesn’t consider himself a dancer.

“It’s one of my biggest regrets that I never talked my mom into getting me dance classes growing up,” laughs Mac, 34, in a recent interview with PEOPLE. “Good Lord, I could use them now.”

Granted, the LGBTQ+ country artist does have some sweet moves.

“My moves are this visceral kind of body shaking and uncontrollable kind of movement,” jokes Mac, who recently announced his engagement to longtime love Lee Pfund. “I have no kind of rhythm other than what comes from in my soul.” He laughs, adding, “I could have really used that eight-count training if I’m being honest.”

Adam Mac.

Ford Fairchild

Nevertheless, the queen from Kentucky does show off a hearty amount of moves in the music video for his new addicting single “Dust Off Your Boots,” premiering exclusively on PEOPLE. 

“We had one dance rehearsal before the music video, and I felt like a fish out of water, in there with all these professional dancers,” says Mac of those that joined him at “Camp Boogie” in the joyous music video directed by Ford Fairchild and Robby Stevens. “But it turned out well and I’m proud of myself for pushing myself.”

Adam Mac.

Ford Fairchild

Mac teased the song on TikTok back in May, and since then, “Dust Off Your Boots” has went viral with over 1.3 million views. 

“At first, I thought I was going to just tease it and I would probably have to post a few videos before anybody ever sees anything or before it gets any traction,” remembers Mac. “But then, the first video I posted is the video that took off. That video was from a performance I did at Whiskey Jam here in Nashville, which was actually my first Whiskey Jam performance ever. And so, I just threw the track over the top of it and next thing I know, my account was going nuts.”

The electrifying performance was even shared by Meghan Trainor

“She is the actual queen of TikTok,” he raves. “Meghan and I actually know each other from when I first moved to town 12 years ago. We met through some mutual friends when I was 22 years old, and the next thing you know, she released ‘All About That Bass’ and becomes a worldwide pop star. I haven’t talked to her in years. So, when I saw that she reposted that, it was a blast from my past. The girl I used to go to parties with in West Nashville reposted my video. It was so crazy.”

Adam Mac.

Ford Fairchild

The immediate love for “Dust Off Your Boots” also came from what Mac refers to a “rabid line dance community” online, all of whom seem awfully eager to come up with their own line dance to the infectious song.

“It’s going to be a whole thing,” Mac explains with a laugh. “I want everybody to make it their own. I want people to just take it and add some flare and do things I could never do, because that is the joy that I’m getting from all of this. That’s the way to do it.”

But the end of the day, Mac says he hopes “Dust Off Your Boots” is a song that continues to use the mere idea of music to unite all.

“It’s supposed to be a song that you listen to, and you just feel good,” says Mac of the song he wrote alongside Sonia Leigh and Jason Mater. “It’s a song that can remove you from all of the crazy, chaotic s— that’s going on in our world today and just give you a moment to release and have fun and dance and shake your ass.”

Adam Mac.

Ford Fairchild

It was Mac that was probably shaking his ass recently when he heard “My Church” hitmaker Maren Morris had come out as bisexual in a recent Instagram post

“My heart literally exploded for her,” says Mac, who opened for Morris last year in Chicago. “It made me so happy. I mean, she has been the biggest ally, and so now for her to be a part of the family just feels so right. I’m so happy for her. I just hope that she finds everything in life that she deserves because she’s so incredible.”

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