Neon Green Liquid Oozes From Ceiling at Miami International Airport


Travelers were left scratching their heads on the Fourth of July after a neon green liquid was seen oozing from the ceiling at Miami International Airport. 

The mysterious liquid can be seen trickling down to the floor where it then pools into a large puddle, as seen in a video shared by @ONLYinDADE on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, July 4. 

In the clip, travelers stare at the scene as some take photos and videos to document the strange event. “That’s literally insane,” one person says in the background. 

“What happened?” another questioned as they show off the massive fluorescent puddles covering multiple seating areas. 

A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department confirmed to PEOPLE that the incident occurred due to a “broken pipe” and that the liquid “was water from the AC system with a green dye in it.”

“At approximately 9 a.m. yesterday, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department received reports of a broken pipe in Concourse G. Crews were immediately dispatched to investigate and the cleanup was completed by 10:30 a.m,” the spokesperson says in a statement. 

They continue, “The liquid was water from the AC system with a green dye in it, so if there is ever a leak, it can be traced to its source. Cleanup did not disrupt operations because the area only included seating. Passengers were simply relocated to other seating areas.

Airport crew members cleaning up the green liquid at Miami International Airport.

Miami International Airport

In a similar statement shared to Miami International Airport’s official X account, it was confirmed that “the liquid from the leak was not hazardous.”

Many commenters had questions about the incident, with one asking, “What kind of liquid is this?? Why is it neon green??” Another added, “Looks almost radioactive.”

The airport responded: “Maintenance staff typically injects dye in chilled water pipelines to easily detect minor leaks. This fluid presented no threat to passengers and was in no way hazardous.”

While some were concerned, other commenters found humor in the situation. 

“It is Gatorade. They use it to keep your gators hydrated and happy. It is a green initiative,” one wrote, followed by another adding, “Shrek had to pee that bad — couldn’t hold it.”

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In October 2023, a similar green slime was seen spilling out of sewer grates in New York City. One resident shared a photo of the scene on X, which was quickly followed up with a disclaimer for context. 

“This is water full of green dye,” the disclaimer read. “Plumbers frequently use harmless, fluorescent green dye to detect leaks in plumbing and sewage systems.”

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